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Applied Retail Transformation (ART) is a specialized management consulting firm focused on helping retailers and brands navigate the changes vital to doing business in the digital world. Years of hands-on industry experience combined with two decades of technology project consulting gives us a unique perspective on transforming retailers and brands from the inside out to become more competitive in today’s radically changing business environment.

Retailers historically are slow to adapt to change. Today, that’s the fastest path to extinction.



Theo Rose, Principal

Theo Rose, Principal

From strategic corporate supply chain and merchandising processes makeovers to global digital and operational agility initiatives, Theo Rose is a leading retail change agent and solutions architect helping clients for the past two decades. Retailers and brands leverage his unique hands-on skillset and pragmatic approach to create the customer-first environment vital to thriving in the digital retail landscape.

Linda Mason, Principal

Linda Mason, Principal

With expertise in product development, manufacturing operations, planning, forecasting, distribution and logistics, Linda Mason is a skilled “fixer” — establishing operational stability, then charting a path to improvement by helping companies use resources more efficiently and their people work more productively. Consultative and collaborative, she makes change possible and positive.



  • Who’s in Charge Here?
    Who’s in Charge Here?

    In our last post, we talked about the need to frame transformation strategy around your customer; understanding who they are, how your offering distinguishes you from your competitors and how you will create lasting relationships. So, you have answered the questions thus completing your exercise of strategy development and market identification. You’re good to go? […]

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  • Digital Transformation is Having a Moment
    Digital Transformation is Having a Moment

    In this periodic series of articles, we’ll explore how digital transformation is changing every aspect and activity of the retail experience — not just in customer-facing exchanges, but also throughout the back-office operations of your enterprise. The digital revolution Many of the challenges associated with digital transformation are not new, but now carry an urgency unique […]

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  • Retail and Technology:  How Not to Doom Your Next Implementation to Failure
    Retail and Technology: How Not to Doom Your Next Implementation to Failure

    If you’ve worked in retail over the last 10+ years, then you’ve been, or know someone who has been, at a company that failed to successfully implement a major computer/information system. Whether it was a point solution (specialized application) or a full-blown Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), these failures are all too common. What’s worse, they’re […]

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  • Digital Transformation: Ushering in a New Era of Retail Relevance
    Digital Transformation: Ushering in a New Era of Retail Relevance

    The term “digital transformation” is a bit of a misnomer. We are not going to transform the digital world; it is transforming us — everything from our smartphone-centric activity to the huge influence of social media on almost everything we do. We can complain about the technology tsunami all we want (and we do) but […]

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