Success Stories


How could the processes of seven international divisions of the client be modified to include "best practices" and unified for a new transaction system implementation?
The client, one of the largest toy retailers in the world, had made a decision to upgrade to an entirely new transaction system for it's international division. With the stated objective of having all divisions on the same platform the need to identify and modify the unique business processes was apparent.
Applied Retail Technologies was engaged to identify the business practices for all the international divisions and to develop improvements and modifications that would enhance a smooth implementation effort.


Applied Retail Technologies developed an integrated project plan that would be used to categorize the various business practices and to serve as a guideline for enhancements.
Applied Retail Technologies developed a contact strategy for each of the operating countries within the international division based upon the implementation timeline. On site discovery meetings were conducted in key countries. From these meetings ART developed flow diagrams detailing the current business practices for the key functional areas within each division.
In addition, ART used its knowledge of the retail industry and expertise to identify those processes that were either inefficient or redundant. Using the process flowcharts, ART was able to make credible process improvement recommendations and present a standardized flow that could be used by each of the countries.

The benefit to the client was the development of a standardized business processes that could be applied in each country within the international division and could serve as a model for further expansion.
The process flows and improvements recommended by ART also highlighted issues that would impact the transaction system modifications. By identifying these modifications early in the process, the client was able to make the necessary adjustments, thus reducing the risk of costly rewrites of the programming.