Experience Matters

Experience Matters

When we say that “Experience Matters”, we mean it! Applied Retail Technologies has been assisting retail and catalog companies for 15 years. Our client list is impressive and our broad experience spans across a variety of product lines, running the gamut from high-end fashion apparel to home décor. Our clients are also varied: small regional companies to national chains with multiple channels of distribution.

In addition, our true expertise lies in our initial training: we are retailers, first and foremost not professional consultants. Most of our ART team members have between 10 and 20 years hands on experience in the industry. All of our senior consultants have between 10 and 20 years of hands on senior management experience. We have faced the same challenges many of our clients have. We have lived the day-to-day and have succeeded. Our experience in attacking the day-to-day issues and resolving them is what we have built our reputation upon.

Our experience matters to us, and it certainly matters to our clients!

What do we mean when we say Experience Matters?

Knowledge of your industry – Applied Retail Technologies Ltd. is a true management consulting firm that specializes and focuses on the retail industry and approaches problems from a strategic management perspective. We are qualified to serve the retail industry within every business channel, including retailers, e-tailers, catalogers, wholesalers, and vertically integrated manufacturers. We believe it is essential that we are always current and familiar with industry benchmarks, best practices, and technology.

Deep Retail IT Experience – Applied Retail Technologies Ltd. (ART) specializes in retail systems implementations. Our teams have an exceptionally strong background in the implementation of Merchandising, Planning / Allocation, Replenishment, Store, and WMS systems. Over the past 15 years, we have completed many projects for a variety of clients. As a result, our clients can benefit from our experience with well-managed, high-quality, and expedited implementations. Further, we approach retail systems implementation projects from a holistic perspective ensuring that not only the technical solution is sound, but the people and business processes are in sync, and our clients are receiving the benefits anticipated from the new system.

Experienced people – Our knowledge of retail and the consumer supply chain is based on the experience and quality of our people. Our methodologies are tested and proven but it is our people—the consultants you will be working with throughout the engagement—who ultimately ensure project success. Our organization is comprised of industry leaders with extensive management experience in retail operations and systems.

Project teams backed by the resources of the entire firm – When you engage Applied Retail Technologies, Ltd. the value goes beyond the project team. All of the resources of our firm are at your disposal, as we are able to tap into our network of seasoned retail experts. Additionally, Applied Retail Technologies Ltd. maintains a cooperative working relationship with many affiliates and associates within the industry. If we need the expert, we have access to them.

Relationships with key industry contacts – Applied Retail Technologies Ltd. actively maintains relationships with a host of key industry leaders in every retail segment, as well as with retail software vendors. These relationships enable us to stay abreast of new retail and consumer product ideas and concepts, as well as the best practices that are driving the most successful retailers today. These relationships help to drastically reduce the time and resources necessary to complete benchmarking and best practices research.

Ability to successfully manage projects – Applied Retail Technologies Ltd. has successfully managed and completed projects in almost all retail industry segments and channels. Each project is customized to the specific client situation. Our pragmatic perspective increases effectiveness, and our cross-functional knowledge allows us to identify and address issues appropriately. Our management consultants have managed project teams comprised of multiple 3rd party, hardware/software vendors, as well as the client’s internal team. In fact, experience is the driving reason why clients select us to manage their projects when delays or failure are not an option.

Track record of producing results
– Our dedication to one industry requires an unblemished record of serving our clients’ best interests, and our reputation is unmatched in the industry. Our proven track records of satisfied clients include many household names that we offer as references.

– Companies today are searching for an independent consulting solution separate from their pre-existing business relationships.  Applied Retail Technologies Ltd. is a highly capable, yet autonomous, retail and supply chain management consulting firm who offers just that.  We have no financial arrangements with any companies.

Stability – We have a strong financial history.  During years when other firms have been laying off large numbers of consultants, Applied Retail Technologies Ltd. has maintained a healthy revenue stream and retained its valuable consulting resources.  When other firms are going through attrition Applied Retail Technologies Ltd. has continued to stay the course.