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Supply Chain

A consistent issue for retailers involves the need for efficient control over the movement of merchandise into and out of their distribution centers while having an efficient supply of goods to stay abreast of your competitors. Too often, opportunities slip by due to the lack of attention and direction to this critical retail operation and having an in-efficient supply chain means heavier markdowns, and the inability to act upon your competitor’s next move. Now, you’re stuck with overstock, an in-efficient supply chain, wasted time and money.

ART draws upon our extensive retailing experience to help organizations identify those issues and processes before they become detrimental and impede efficient merchandise movement. While we work alongside you and your teams, ART will develop a strategic plan so that you can withstand the ever-changing marketplace and still come out as number one.

Distinctions our clients have noticed:
  • Reduction of inventory carrying costs
  • Increase throughput
  • Ensure timely receipt and outbound shipment of all merchandise
  • An enhanced partnership with your suppliers by eliminating unnecessary goods in the supply chain