Success Stories


How could the existing customer database be optimized in order to increase sales and improve the Return on Technology Investment?
The client, a well known toy retailer, had purchased and installed a leading software application to be used in the gathering of vital information about their customers at the point of sale. The application had been in use for over a year and the database had grown to over 1 million records. However, due to a lack of in-house expertise, the database was not being used by the retailer's marketing department.
Applied Retail Technologies was engaged to develop methodologies and programs that would maximize the current client database, and to establish a program for on-going customer relationship management.

Applied Retail Technologies performed an analysis of the current customer database and developed an initial marketing event with a conservative ROI.
Applied Retail Technologies reviewed the entire customer database, and developed a series of steps with the client that would put the information to optimal use. This process included cleansing the customer data, going through the selection of the targeted customer segmentation, development of the marketing message, a review of various media to be used, and the actual rollout of the effort.
ART also performed the necessary analysis showing the client how to accurately gauge the success of this effort and, most importantly, how to go forward with their own marketing efforts.

The benefit to the client was the development of a marketing process whereby vital customer information was gathered, synthesized and effective marketing programs enacted.
The initial marketing effort for the client cost $40,000, and resulted in incremental sales of over $1.2 million.
Based upon this success, the client worked with ART to develop additional successful events. Currently the client uses the processes established by ART to manage their ongoing CRM activities.