Success Stories


How was a newly acquired division going to be effectively managed by the parent company from a remote location? The client, an East Coast based manufacturer and distributor of nutritional and vitamin supplements had recently acquired a company that manufactured and sold similar products through it's direct to consumer catalog. The parent had no prior experience in the direct to consumer catalog field. In addition, the new division was located in the Midwest.
Applied Retail Technologies was engaged to serve on the interim executive committee to manage this division on a daily basis and provide a smooth transition to a permanent management team.

Applied Retail Technologies drew upon its extensive catalog and logistics experience to serve as interim Vice President of Merchandise Operations and Fulfillment.
In this role, ART was responsible for the entire daily merchandising activities including item selection for the various catalog mailings, pricing of all products, and order placement. In addition, because up to 30% of the items were manufactured internally, ART was also responsible for the entire manufacturing operation.
Additional responsibilities included oversight of the distribution facility including receipt of raw materials to be used in manufacturing, the processing of finished products from third party vendors and the pick and pack operations for customer orders. When the client made the decision to move the division from St. Louis to Salt Lake City, ART developed and implemented a complete transition plan for all operations. This plan included recruiting new staff and conducting necessary training sessions for them in the new location.

The primary benefit to the client was the seamless transition of the division to the new parent and a continuity of daily business activity through the management change and facility relocation.
The division was able to meet and exceed its historic growth and profit trend with minimal input from the client's senior management team. The transition to the new location was also accomplished with no perceptive disruption in daily business activity. Finally, a new management team was identified, recruited, and transitioned to by the interim management team.