Success Stories


The client wished to expand its market share within its trading area and take full advantage of current trends and technology. The client, the leading home improvement retailer in Central America, recognized the fact that their internal procedures and infrastructure may not support further growth and continued profitability. In addition, the company sought ways to use the Internet as a vehicle for growth.
Applied Retail Technologies was asked to perform a complete on site review of all operations and make recommendations for procedural, process and infrastructure improvement.

Applied Retail Technologies performed an exhaustive on site review of all functional areas of the company. This review culminated in the development of concrete actions steps for the company.
ART's on site review of each functional area included Merchandising, Finance, Store Operations, Systems, and Distribution. Detailed analysis was made of all the key operational processes as well as the informational support needed within each area. Applied Retail Technologies was able to develop a series of both short and long-term action steps that were presented to the senior management of the company. These steps highlighted areas of 'low-hanging' fruit, from which immediate improvement would be realized, and those that would have a positive impact over a longer horizon.

The key benefit to the client were action steps that could be implemented over a series of weeks and months and significantly improve the operating performance of the company and position it for growth.
The operational improvements suggested by Applied Retail Technologies helped the senior management to focus on what was really important in daily operations and provided an internal mantra of "fixing the process".
By fixing their internal processes and procedures, the company was able to spend more time growing the business and less time applying band-aid solutions to deeper issues.